How to Watch YouTube Videos on Firefox Phones

Herein check out how you can watch YouTube videos on Firefox phones. Download YouTube Firefox phone app. As Operating Systems for smartphones go, Firefox has a long march to cover. While it’s open source formula promises quick and broad spectrum online access the current list of app

Enabled WiFi Tethering or USB Hotspot on Firefox Phones

Firefox phones such as Intex Cloud Fx, Spice Fire One is gaining popularity as compared to Nokia Asha phones that demand more money from the consumers due to affordability and availability of innovative internet sharing features. Firefox is keen to give run of money for all the

5 Must Have Firefox OS Apps for Phones & Tablets

Applications have changed our lives in more ways than we can care to imagine. The tens of thousands of tech geeks, the more known among which carry the title ‘developers’, sweat away behind super-computers to create apps that convert what would have been tasks requiring great time

Best Firefox OS Phone Games

As we all know Firefox is one of the most enhanced and fastest web browsers that the modern day has seen and soon they will debut with Firefox mobile OS. Today many people like to have high-end games available on their mobile phone and listed here are

Download PacMan for Firefox Phones – PacMan Canvas Review

PacMan games from the beginning have created the enthusiasm in people that they would want to play it again and again. They have given the gaming experience a new feel altogether. It’s a genius game which many people have said to be a cynical game and a

How to Submit an App to Firefox Marketplace

Mozilla is inventing the Open Web Apps format which is a HTML5 based app format that is used by Firefox Marketplace. Firefox Market apps can be installed easily from desktop Firefox and Firefox for android. What do you need? Before submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace,